Mutsy Igo Urban Nomad Dark Grey with Black Chassis Child Stroller

Discover the Igo, Mutsy’s most current deluxe baby stroller. A joy to use and walk around with, both for you and also your child. The Igo fits your lifestyle and your needs flawlessly. Urban Nomad edition – Motivated by Urban Nomads The Urban Nomads, carrying laptop computers and mobile phones, live and also operate in urban locations. Instead of working with workplace they favour to visit a coffee bar to silently work there. They have a flexible job and also are mobile, changing one house for the next. They want to discover the world as well as increase their children in a difficult modern and transforming atmosphere and this involves a variety of sensible aspects. These innovators recognise the environment, favour to pass by public transportation rather than by cars and truck, get recyclable as well as naturally degradable bundles and also organise garments swaps. They read the news and also papers online. They seek sustainable and mobile options, without compromising the convenience and well being of their infant or themselves. Stressing comfort designs and flexibility, a trendsetting design that is compact, light-weight and easy to store as well as with all-natural colours and also fashionable natural leather finishing, this URBAN WANDERER version full fills all needs.

Price: £615.00

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