The IKICH ice maker for small countertop is an excellent choice to go in for. Is it really that well designed? This tiny machine is actually a smart little machine with multiple smart technological features that enable it to easily fall under the realm of user-friendly, and energy-efficient as well as with several features that it comes with, it easily deserves to be on the top list of best small ice machine you can buy for Summer. The IKICH machine for small countertop is not only extremely efficient, but also a beautifully designed product for making ice. IKICH maker ice machines are built with a stainless steel body and come with a cool, stylish, big blue cooler with a lid that’s just big enough for a standard ice cube tray, and even an ice scraper – the perfect tool to quickly get rid of unsavoury ice leftovers. Plus, this portable ice maker has one extra door that is an “all access” type so you can keep things in their special place, ready for whenever you need them.

IKICH Machine Counter Top Ice Maker

The ice-making process on this compact maker is truly unique. It will produce nine servings of ice cubes in about six minutes and you won’t have to wait around long at any of your friends’ homes to enjoy your delicious iced drinks. This ice-maker is ideal for parties or family gatherings and is very easy to use, even for novices. The easy to understand on-screen instructions guide you through every step of the way. This ice-maker is also quite efficient in terms of energy consumption and costs much less energy than other countertop ice machines and most other home ice makers.

Main features of IKICH ice maker

IKICH Counter Top Ice Maker Machine Makes ice fast in 6 mins

IKICH fast ice maker machine works quick, just 6 mins to obtain 9pcs of chewable, tasty, bullet-shaped ice-cubes per cycle and up to 26 lbs/12 kg of ice in 24 hours with its 2-liter/68 oz water tank. As the machine needs time to pre-heat like freezer, the effect of very first or second time will be a little much less reliable, it will become normal after a few more uses. For regular usage, allow machine to stand upright for 4 hours prior to using it for the first time.

Quiet and energy saving ice machine

IKICH countertop ice maker achieves low noise level, fast cooling impact and reduced consumption with effective compressor, excellent quality copper aluminium fin condenser and 21g R600a cooling agent. It performs at less than 45dB which implies that your party will not be disrupted. This ice making machine is small enough to fit on a lot of kitchen counter and very easy to store when not being used. You can now bid “Farewell” to noisy and cumbersome ice makers.

Easy to Use & Self-Cleaning home ice maker

Operating an ice making machine has never been so easy! Select all the setups on the control panel as you want. Indication lights allow you to know when you need to put water or when the detachable ice container has been filled up. An ice scooper is included for easy serving, you can hang it on the ice maker with the suction cup hook. Self-cleaning feature of the IKICH Machine Counter Top Ice Maker helps to get rid of mineral scale accumulation for fresh and tidy home ice maker each time.

Large or small ice selectable with basket and ice scooper

Optional two ice sizes is available on the IKICH Machine Counter Top Ice Maker. Popular bullet shaped ice, hard to thaw and stick together, terrific for cooling down beverages or little water bottle, food and for first aid. Huge translucent window for very easy monitoring.

2-year service warranty for the IKICH ice maker

IKICH Machine Counter Top Ice Maker offers 2 years service warranty and 30 days return policy for this safe and mobile home ice maker. Made from food grade material, just for your health and wellness, with no smell. Resilient ABS shell, smooth and simple to tidy. It uses up much less room at home or in the workplace, bar-b-ques, outdoor celebrations, or basement bars.


The IKICH Machine Counter Top Ice Maker comes with two bonus offers in the form of removable ice basket and ice scoop that makes it hassle free for you to move ice to your beverage or ice container. This nugget ice maker can go anywhere that doesn’t need a water connection.

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The IKICH ice cube makers also come with a transparent window for easy viewing of the contents of your ice bucket. In addition to the large freezer at the bottom of the unit, there is also an ice bucket and a small reservoir. You simply add water to the reservoir and spin the handle to release the ice cubes into your glass drink container. The lid also has a clear window for added visibility when cleaning the container.

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