During the summer months when the weather is hot , portable ice makers such as the NETTA ice maker machine for home use can be a life saver. An ice maker will save you plenty as it only cost a fraction of purchasing regular ice cube bags and make up to 26 cups of ice in a single use. Portable ice makers are also a quick and convenient way to create ice quickly within 5-10 mins. You can store an ice machine on your countertop or somewhere that you prefer to make frozen ice quicker than your usual freeze tray that usually takes 3 hours. Once you have used an ice maker once, you are sure to never go back to the old-fashioned way of using ice cubes and bottles.

The Netta ice maker is a great machine and is constructed well. It has been put together by engineers who combined simplicity of use with excellent performance.

Main features of the

Netta ice maker machine is quick:

This NETTA counter top ice maker will have ice all set in 10 mins with no plumbing needed. Simply fill up with water and wait, this little ice machine will have fresh ice ready whenever you require them.

It has a big capability:

The 1.8 L water storage tank enables you to make almost 2KG of ice cubes when filled up. A day-to-day production capacity of 12KG of ice each day makes it best for mixed drinks, cocktails and for any kind of event. Completely sized to make you plenty of ice, yet this electric ice cube maker will fit nicely on your regular kitchen counter.

Netta ice maker machine is easy to use:

This NETTA ice making machine use is as easy as feasible to use. Once you load it with water, the ice making machine will begin generating ice. The light indicator will show when more water is needed, or the ice requires emptying. You can check on your ice at any time utilizing the helpful watching home window.


This ice machine includes a removable ice basket and ice scoop, enabling you to remove your ice easily, move it straight to your beverages or to your fridge freezer.

One thing that makes the NETTA ice maker machine very attractive is its compact design. It makes it ideal for homes that do not have a large freezer or refrigerator to keep the Netta ice perch frozen. This is especially helpful for individuals living in smaller apartments and dorms. It will also save you money since it does not require a large freezer in order to keep the ice perches frozen. The compact design makes it convenient to use and easy to move around. Even though the Netta ice maker is small in size, it comes with a stainless steel interior which gives it a more contemporary look and elegant design makes it ideal for homes that have modern or modernistic decor.

The “NETTA Ice Maker Machine For Home Use Makes Fresh Cubes In 10 Minutes. This product is into the category “Appliance & Home”, which is under the sub-category “small kitchen appliances”. It is a popular small appliance that makes a variety of ice cubes. It is a great appliance to have around for making all types of cold drinks.

I love this ice maker because it is easy to use. The machine is not big like others but it is perfect to place in your office or other small areas. When you want to have picnics you can take this with you and have delicious ice without any complications. The water tank holds enough water for at least 2 kg of ice cubes at its maximum capacity.

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In short, the NETTA ice maker machine for home use is worth having if you are looking for a good ice maker. It comes with a high-density foam container. There are no warm-up time required and the ice-making cycle takes only a little time. The ice maker is silent and uses minimal energy. It is portable and you can fit it in a corner of your kitchen where it will occupy only a little space.

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