The Andrew James Ice Crusher Slush Machine is an electrically powered gadget designed to crush and grind ice for making slushies, cocktails, smoothies, and other iced drinks. With its stylish retro design and easy-to-use features, it promises to add a dash of convenience to your home kitchen or bar. Let’s dive into this review to unpack what this product offers and why it stands out among similar products in the market.

Design and Quality

The Andrew James Ice Crusher Slush Machine sports a charming, bright red, retro-inspired design that can add a touch of vintage aesthetic to any kitchen or bar setup. The product’s built-in stirrer and measuring jug, which has a 1-litre capacity, indicate attention to detail in design. It’s also important to note that the jug is BPA-free, highlighting the brand’s commitment to the user’s health.

As for quality, the machine is robust and durable, featuring removable parts in the grinding compartment for easy cleaning. It also comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, which should give users confidence in the product’s longevity and performance.

Features and Functionality

There are a couple of standout features with the Andrew James Ice Crusher Slush Machine that make it a worthy consideration. The machine offers two grinder settings, allowing users to choose between fine or coarse shaved ice by merely turning a dial on the machine. This flexibility opens up a range of drink options for the user.

The built-in stirrer is a great feature that keeps the ice constantly moving to prevent it sticking together, while also helping to mix in your syrups and flavours. This design detail goes a long way to ensure you get the best quality slushies and cocktails.

Comparison with Similar Products

When compared to similar products, the Andrew James Ice Crusher Slush Machine stands out with its additional features, such as the built-in stirrer and measuring jug. Many other ice crushers require you to manually stir the ice or measure it separately, making this machine more user-friendly and efficient.

Pros and Cons


  • Two grinder settings for customizing ice texture
  • Built-in stirrer and measuring jug for convenience
  • Stylish retro design
  • Easy to clean with removable parts
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Some users have reported that the machine is quite noisy
  • It might get blocked if using larger ice cubes

User Experiences

Reviews from actual users corroborate the claims made by Andrew James. Many users love the machine’s ease of use and effectiveness. However, some have noted that the machine is relatively noisy and can get blocked if you use larger ice cubes. Nonetheless, the overall feedback is positive, with users appreciating the machine’s ability to make excellent slushies and other iced drinks.

Tips and Tricks

To get the most out of the Andrew James Ice Crusher Slush Machine, it’s advisable to use smaller ice cubes to prevent blockage. Also, adding the liquid in the jug before crushing the ice might help get a more evenly distributed flavour in your drink.

FAQ Section

Q: Is it noisy? A: Yes, some users have reported that it’s quite noisy, but the performance and output seem to make up for the noise.

Q: Can I add liquid while it’s mixing? A: There isn’t enough space to add liquid while it’s mixing, but you can add the liquid before crushing the ice.

Q: Does it crush the ice finely enough for a slushy? A: Yes, it does, but be patient as it takes time to shave the ice.


In summary, the Andrew James Ice Crusher Slush Machine is a robust and practical addition to any home kitchen or bar. It stands out for its design, functionality, and convenience. While it has some minor drawbacks, such as noise level and potential blockage with larger ice cubes, these seem relatively minor when weighed against its benefits. It’s a great product for those who love making homemade slushies, cocktails, or smoothies and appreciate a touch of retro design in their appliances.

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