The Andrew James Ice Maker is a perfect choice for quickly and conveniently generating ice in your own house or away on holiday, as using it couldn’t be easier. Having ice cubes ready is excellent for making cold tea and cocktails. There is no need for plumbing or draining pipes accessibility – just place the ice maker on your worktop and add water. All you require is a suitable power source.

With the easy-to-navigate control panel, you can turn your machine on and off using a one-touch button and choose the dimension of ice you would like to make – large or small. You can likewise see the size you have actually picked from the indicator lights on the panel. The panel also features practical sign lights that tell you when your machine is complete and when it requires a lot more water.

Andrew James Ice Cube Maker has Generous Capacity

Although the machine is compact and doesn’t occupy much space on your worktop, it holds 2.4 litres of water, and can make up to 15kg of ice in 24 hours if the water is consistently covered up. It has a weight of just 2.2 kg, which means that it can conveniently be transported between the areas in your home, caravan or holiday location.

Create Ice in Under 10 Minutes with Andrew James Ice Maker Machine

The Andrew James Ice Cube Maker generates 9 ice per cycle with each cycle lasting about 5 to 13 minutes, depending upon the ice cube size and the room temperature level. It is easy to look at the progression of your ice via the huge see through window on the top of the machine.
For your convenience, the machine does not require to be drained. The drainage shutoff at the bottom of the machine allows you quickly clear it after use.

Easy to remove Ice from the ice maker

When the ice cubes are ready, they are dispensed into the removable ice basket all set for you to move to your drinks or to the fridge freezer for a later time. The basket can standing up to 700g ice each time. A handy ice scoop is included to make serving simple and easy.

The Andrew James Ice Cube Maker is not suitable for saving ice cubes. We would certainly suggest that as soon as your ice are ready and have been dispensed into the ice basket, that you promptly move them to your drinks or save them in the freezer for later usage.

Cleaning Up the Andrew James Ice Maker Machine

To clean up the interior of the ice cube machine, just wipe with a soft cloth, warm water, and a light cleaning agent. Then, rinse the inside with water and drain by unplugging the drainpipe cap. The outside of the machine can likewise be cleaned up with light detergent and warm water. Do not clean with boiling water.

Make large or small cubes in ten minutes

The Andrew James Ice Cube Maker is perfect for summer season Barbeques or cosy nights as it makes different sizes of ice cubes under 10 minutes. You can produce excellent ice cubes sizes for your cold drinks.

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