One of the most important kitchen appliances nowadays is actually an ice maker. There are numerous types and brands of ice makers UK available in the market today, and each type is designed to give the best results when it comes to making ice at home. Choosing the best ice maker UK for the home, bar or kitchen can be a tough task. Below are some tips some you should know if you want to buy one of the best ice makers UK.

Most ice maker machines for home come with several features that are ideal for most purposes. These features include quick ice making, variable ice cube sizes, self cleaning function, LED display, auto shut off and manual control. When choosing ice cube makers UK, it is essential to check all these different features so you can choose the best ice making machine for your needs.

The best ice cube makers for the home are typically made with compact technology and aluminum. They have been designed to save space and are therefore ideal for flats or spaces where there is limited counter space. If you are in the market for the best ice makers UK, take a look at the four below that we have reviewed.

1. COSTWAY Ice Machine Counter Top

The COSTWAY Ice Machine Counter Top can produce 12kg of ice cubes in 24 hours. It is an electric Ice Cube Maker with Self-Cleaning Function.

Main features

Efficient Ice Maker

The COSTWAY ice machine counter top comes with fast and effective feature, this portable ice making machine only spends 8 minutes making 9 pieces of tasty and chewable bullet-shaped ice, saving your time to make tasty food and drinks. In addition it can create 12kg of ice each day to offer sufficient ice for you.

Basic Control Board

Outfitted with simple control panel and transparent lid, this compact ice maker not only supplies self-cleaning feature which results in wonderful convenience for you as well as enables you to check the progress of the ice maker machine.

Low noise level

The COSTWAY ice machine counter top comes with R600a cooling agent and 45 dB low sound operation, this electrical ice making machine will not interrupt your daily work and task while doing its job. In addition, the evaporators are constructed from pure copper with plating which are extremely effective and sturdy.

Portable & Compact Design

This countertop ice maker machine with 120cm power cable is suitable for house, office, house party and bar. The portable and small layout will enable you to move and keep it out of the way easily.

Pleasant Accessories

This top of the range ice cube maker for home features an ice scoop and a removable basket, allowing you to take out the ice quickly. And the ETL accreditation guarantees your safety. Likewise, non-slip foot pads offer solid stability.
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2. MVPower Ice Maker


Generates 9 ice within 6 mins, utilize a 2.2 liter water tank for as much as 26 extra pounds per 12 kg ice in 1 day. Thick foam layer efficiently separates heat so the ice can keep fresh.


Sign light shows when the ice basket is complete and when you need to include more water. Large windows can supply a clear picture of the ice making procedure and the quantity of ice production.


Unused ice melts back right into the storage tank and is recycled to fresh water without waste. R600a refrigerant with safe and non-destructive ozone layer secures the environment and makes certain safe, healthy and balanced ice cubes.


Ice manufacturers achieve a reduced noise level, a quick cooling effect and reduced intake with an effective compressor, a top notch copper-aluminum finned condenser and a 21-gram refrigerant R600a. It runs at much less than 45 dB. Your conversation and sleep will not be disturbed. You can easily drain unused water.


CE approved ice maker. Technical help and customer support are available throughout the product’s life. You can find much better bullet-shaped ice starting with a great MVPOWER ice machine.
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3. Klarstein Clearcube Ice Cube Maker

Icy and refreshing:

With the clear ice cubes from the Klarstein Clearcube portable ice maker machine, all drinks can be cooled down completely. Whether you are delighting in alcoholic drinks or sodas: the transparent ice are ideal for every beverage.

Powerful efficiency:

The high-performance Clearcube ice cube maker from Klarstein produces approximately 13 kg of clear ice per day and is for that reason optimal for producing ice cubes at parties or events where a rejuvenating supply of ice is needed in all times.

Clear ice cubes:

The Klarstein Clearcube ice maker machine is also one of the best ice cube makers UK for regular house use. It offers fresh, clear and cosmetically pleasing ice cubes for cooling down beverages in your home or at parties, or whenever you require frosty refreshment.

Touch display operation:

The operation of the Clearcube home ice maker is very conveniently and easily performed using the touch display control panel. The Clearcube ice cube machine from Klarstein offers outstanding clear ice for every occasion.
Klarstein Clearcube Ice Cube Maker

4. electriQ Ice Maker Machine

Great for parties, Barbeques and even an early morning iced coffee

The electriQ Ice Maker Machine is a Compact counter top ice making machine that was created for home use. It is a perfect fit on any kind of bar, kitchen counter and table top. This is a terrific ice machine for families, coffee Shops, event celebrations and even more for you to discover.

Makes 9 ice cubes in just 10 mins!

The electriQ Ice Maker Machine is one of the best Ice maker UK that operatesat high speed. It can create 9 pieces of ice in 10 minutes.

More space in your fridge freezer

With the electriQ Ice Maker Machine, Ice is constantly at the ready and no room is squandered in your fridge freezer.

Place it anywhere, no pipes required

This Ice maker is easy to run and equipped with smart switches, which can be operated according to your requirements. No plumbing required, simple to fill up and clean.

Ice and water level indicators

The indicators will light up uWhen there is not enough water or when the ice bucket is full so that you can add more water or to remove the made ice.
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