If you are planning to buy an Integrated Double Fridge Freezer for your new home, there are some things that you should know about them before you start the process. An integrated double fridge freezer is the perfect option if you are looking for a more compact unit that can blend in with your kitchen cabinetry.

Unlike other appliances, an integrated fridge freezer is virtually invisible, yet it offers deceivingly large storage space. These units are designed with clever technology to keep food fresh longer. Many models even have wine racks and additional storage space. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, these units will provide a stylish and useful addition to any space. This type of appliance is ideal for large families. It can be concealed behind cabinets, too, for a seamless look.
Integrated Double Fridge Freezer
Compared to freestanding counterparts, an integrated fridge freezer is more expensive. Typically, it includes the fridge housing cabinet and kitchen cabinet doors. However, creating a surround for a freestanding fridge freezer can require additional cabinets and tall end panels, which will increase your budget. Additionally, it takes more work to relocate an integrated fridge freezer, so it’s best to choose a model that fits your kitchen layout and style.

An integrated fridge freezer comes with a standard width of around 54-55cm. This is designed to fit inside a housing cabinet that measures approximately 60cm wide on the outside. However, the internal gap is approximately 55-56cm. Likewise, the depth of the fridge freezer unit can vary, with a 60/40 split in some models. A 70/30 split is also available, but make sure to check what type of doors come with your model.

Choosing between an integrated fridge freezer and a freestanding version will depend on your budget and design requirements. Compared to a freestanding model, an integrated fridge freezer costs more. A housing cabinet is typically 60 cm wide, and kitchen cabinet doors may have to be removed. To avoid a gap between the housing cabinet and the fridge freezer, you may have to install a bridging cabinet. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may have to purchase an additional housing cabinet to accommodate the integrated fridge freezer.

When purchasing an integrated double fridge freezer, make sure the wall mount is level and not slanted. The plinth can be ruined if the appliance is wet. If you plan on purchasing a freestanding fridge, make sure your floor is level. If you don’t, it could prove difficult to install it correctly. If you have uneven flooring, you may have to cut a hole or two in the wall to accommodate it.

Choosing a fridge freezer that fits with your cabinetry is easier than you might think. An integrated model gives your kitchen a cleaner, more orderly appearance. It can also give you more options when choosing a fridge freezer style. This is especially important if you are buying an appliance for the first time. The uncluttered look can hide any lack of working space. A slim design is also useful for kitchens where the fridge freezer and the washing machine are in close proximity to each other.

You may want to choose an integrated double fridge freezer if you want a fridge and freezer together. These are ideal for larger kitchens. They can provide ample space for storage while keeping ingredients at a convenient temperature. You will also find these units to be energy efficient. You may want to buy an American style fridge freezer if you’re planning on making a lot of frozen food. You can choose between an American style or an integrated one depending on your kitchen space.

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