The Hotpoint 50/50 Frost Free Fridge-Freezer combines the convenience of a built-in refrigerator and freezer into one convenient unit. This appliance has an Active Fresh filter that prevents ice buildup and preserves fresh produce for many days. With a net capacity of 111 litres, it offers plenty of space to store all of your groceries. The fridge compartment has five clear drawers for easy access to frozen goods.

Hotpoint HBNF55181BAQUAUK Black – A+ Rated

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The Hotpoint 50/50 Frost Free Fridge-Freezer features a Smart Cooling system that regulates temperature. Its high capacity and frost-free design make it an ideal appliance for families. It comes with an integrated water dispenser and an Active Oxygen system to help prevent bacteria growth.

The Hotpoint 50/50 Frost Free Fridge Freezer offers a dedicated wine rack, which keeps bottles chilled and maximises fridge space. It also features LED light technology, which is smaller and more effective than standard lights. There is a generous 111 litres of net storage space for all your groceries. The freezer features five clear drawers for easy access to frozen goods. The reversible door design allows you to store food in either of the two freezer compartments.

The Hotpoint fridge freezer features a classic black finish. Its 202-litre (net) capacity is impressive. It has a 50/50 split and four shelves, so you can store all your shopping and still have some room left for frozen food. The door is reversible and includes LED lighting for bright, even lighting. It also comes with a water-resistant seal and a 5-year warranty.

Hotpoint fridge freezers are incredibly versatile and offer flexible storage solutions for any home. Available in built-in and free-standing models, they feature Active Oxygen technology to keep food fresher for longer. They also have antibacterial inner walls and a handy water dispenser. And despite the frost-free design, Hotpoint fridge freezers will not add much to your energy bills.

Hotpoint HBNF55181BAQUAUK Black – A+ Rated

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The Hotpoint 50/50 Frost Free Fridge-Freezer has been designed for convenience and style. It is finished in classic colours and is perfect for storing both frozen and fresh foods. The refrigerator’s Active Fresh filter helps keep produce fresh up to 13 days. With its large storage capacity, this fridge freezer can store up to eight bags of fresh groceries and four bags of frozen ingredients. You don’t have to manually defrost it because of the frost-free technology. You can also open the freezer door from either side.

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