Whether you are looking for a new chest freezer or just want to update your old one, the IceKing CF100WE 99L Chest Freezer has plenty of features that will meet your needs. This unit offers cooling capacity of 99 liters, temperature range of -18°C to -25°C, and a warranty of five years.

Product details

This is a free standing chest freezer with a 97L capacity. It features a recessed handle and a wire basket. A slick rotary dial is one of the best features of the unit. It also features a counterbalanced lid, which means the unit doesn’t rock the house on its own.

IceKing CF100WE Freestanding 99L White Chest Freezer

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It also has a patented IceKing SmartFreeze technology, which means you can switch the unit from freezer to chiller without having to manually open the door. The unit is also energy rated at F, so you can be sure you’ll be saving money on energy bills. In terms of features, the unit has a small freezer compartment, a large freezer compartment, and an adjustable thermostat.


IceKing has a variety of options to choose from. These durable freezers are built to last, are quiet and use less power than most other brands.

This freezer has a 98-litre capacity and is ideal for storing frozen food foods. It also features an adjustable thermostat and a recessed handle. It can operate in temperatures as low as -15oC, so you can have frozen food at your fingertips. It’s also designed with user comfort in mind, with no frills and easy temperature control.

If you are looking for a chest freezer, you should consider the IceKing CF100WE. It has a modern design. It also has a recessed handle and a single wire basket. It’s perfect for items you want to keep easily accessible, like dairy products and frozen vegetables.

Cooling capacity

It’s not just because it’s cheap, but also because it’s one of the more energy efficient models available in its class. The best part is that it is also extremely versatile, thanks to the ability to split the compartments into 50/50 or 70/30 pairs. The CF100WE 99L is also the smallest of the CF100WE models, meaning it can fit in smaller kitchens where space is limited. It’s also got a built in handle for when you’re juggling the groceries.

Temperature range

Having the right chest freezer can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your food fresh. This model from IceKing is the perfect size for frozen foods. With a 98 litre capacity, you’ll have plenty of room to store frozen items. It also comes with an adjustable thermostat for optimum performance, and has an energy rating of F, making it one of the best choices in the fridge and freezer department.

The IceKing CF100WE has a lot of cool features, including an easy clean interior and a recessed handle to help you navigate your way around. It also has a wire basket, making it easy to organize your food.

IceKing CF100WE Freestanding 99L White Chest Freezer

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IceKing offers a wide variety of energy-efficient models. They are designed to use less power, last longer, and are quieter than many competing brands. They are also available in different sizes, including 54 liters and 103 liters.

Chest freezers from Iceking are durable, come with strong wire baskets, and are designed for large families. They also have a wide range of indicator lights, automatic defrost sprouts, and robust lockable handles. Their freezers are also designed to function in very low temperatures.

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