Multigot Ice Maker Machine is a Countertop Ice Cube Maker that is ready in 7 Mins and Makes 12kg Ice in 24 Hrs. It is a Portable Counter Top Ice Machine with Scoop and Removable Basket.

Multigot Ice Maker Machine is a great appliance for any occasion, because it can make ice any time you like. It comes in a variety of sizes and models to suit your needs. The ice maker is a top-rated maker of ice that comes with a capacity to produce eight litres of ice per hour, that is enough for a big party. Multigot Ice Maker Machine comes in a variety of colours and is made with stainless steel and includes the following features:

Have ice constantly at the ready

You never ever know when you’re going to require ice. Whether it is for a party, occasion, feature, or simply daily use, having the ability to generate your very own ice will certainly be a huge benefit. With the ICM120 automated ice maker, you can make batches of ice in just minutes. Utilize it quickly or to stock up in the freezer for later day. Utilize your ice in drinks, for cooling food in a refrigerator, cooling containers of white wine or champagne, for beer buckets and a lot more.

Multigot Ice Maker Machine Makes Ice cubes in bullet shape

Working silently in the background, the ICM120 creates batches of 9 ice bullets in just 7 minutes. Once made the ice bullets / cubes are emptied automatically into the ice basket, and the ice-making process is repeated up until the basket is complete. The ice basket can stand up to 600g of ice till it requires to be emptied. This nifty machine makes 9 ice bullets every 7 mins, with the capability to make up to 12kg daily.

Compact counter top style

This elegant ice machine has a modern white layout to fit any kind of kitchen area. The compact dimension implies you can easily make room for it on your kitchen area counter without it occupying much space. No pipes is required to make the machine work. Simply connect the machine into the electric socket, fill up the container with water and the machine does the rest for you! When the ice basket is complete or the water storage tank is empty, the machine will let you know.

Soft touch control board

For that additional touch of modern-day convenience, the easy to use control board is touch operated. This also makes cleaning much easier as there are no physical buttons to get stuck or collect dust/dirt. The control panel features 3 LED indications ‘Ice Making’, ‘more Water’, and ‘Ice Complete’ to let you understand what stage of the ice making procedure it is in. At the bottom of the panel is the power button which is used to turn the countertop ice machine on and off.

Multigot Ice Maker Machine

The multigots portable ice maker offers a lot of features and accessories such as the removable ice tray and a cover for the cooler. It is very easy to use since the main control panel and controls are located at the front of the appliance and you can easily access them from any part of the kitchen. The Multigot Ice Maker Machine comes with a manual that explains how to properly use it.

Multigot Ice Maker Machine, Countertop Ice Cube Maker Ready in 7 Mins, Make 12kg Ice in 24 Hrs, Portable Counter Top Ice Machine with Scoop and Removable Basket (Red)

Multigots portable ice maker has a very good reputation when it comes to its quality. It uses the latest technology that allows you to make ice, whatever the occasion is. You can make twelve ice in less than 7 mins. It has a stainless-steel design that is sure to impress. It comes with a durable cover that can protect it from spills and other damages. It comes with a free delivery service in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The multigots ice maker machine features a very good quality sealed box that keeps the contents cool even when it is in use. It is also very easy to clean up after every use. The head smartsorb vibration dampener minimizes the noise and vibrations that may happen while using this countertop ice machine with scoop and removable basket make 12kg ice in 24 hours.

The multigots ice maker was introduced to the United Kingdom and European markets in the year 2005. In the first few months, it had already received a lot of positive reviews.

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