Using a TwinTech technology, the AEG 50/50 Integrated Fridge Freezer provides a constant temperature and humidity level. This means that your produce stays fresher for longer and stays crisper. It also allows you to control the conditions inside the fridge, so you can ensure that your food stays the way you want it. You can use the advanced Touch Controls to make precise adjustments.

The AEG 50/50 Integrated Fridge Freezer is a fridge freezer that is designed to be hidden behind your kitchen cupboards. This means that you will have an uncluttered appearance and it will hide the fact that you don’t have much working space. The freezer section has a net capacity of 87 litres, allowing you to store up to four bags of groceries in it. It also has a salad crisper drawer, which is ideal for keeping fruit and veg separate. In addition to this, it has a fast chill function, which helps prevent the temperature from rising. This also helps to keep your frozen foods fresher and maintains their texture.

AEG 50/50 Integrated Fridge Freezer

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The fridge section features four shelves. These shelves are ideal for storing all kinds of food. They are also split to accommodate taller items. This means that you can tailor the layout to fit your needs. The fridge section also features a door shelf. The door shelf is ideal for storing eggs and milk, and can be split to suit taller items. You can also add a FlexiShelf, which is a storage compartment that can be split for half-sized storage. The FlexiShelf can slide underneath the remaining section, giving you a full and flexible fridge storage solution. It also has reversible door hinges.

The freezer section features internal LED lighting, which provides a brighter illumination. You can also choose from a wide range of LED lighting options. The lights are also smaller, which means that they are more energy efficient. This means that you will save more money on your utility bills. The freezer also features a removable shelf. You can keep tall items, such as boxes, on the shelf. The freezer also has a fast freeze function, which ensures that your foods stay fresher for longer. It also has a Coolmatic function, which lowers fresh foods to the correct storage temperature. This function automatically switches off when the job is finished.

AEG 206 Litre 50/50 Integrated Fridge Freezer

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The AEG 50/50 Combined Fridge Freezer is a great fridge freezer that is easy to use and offers a great storage solution. It is ideal for large families or for people who want to store more in their fridge. It is also ideal for families with small children.

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