To find the best tall integrated freezer, it is important to know its size. Built-in freezers can range from 60cm wide to 60cm deep. The height of a tall freezer is generally 120-130cm. They have an impressive size and a number of features that make them ideal for any kitchen.

Baumatic Integrated Upright Freezer

Baumatic BUS518FK Integrated Upright Freezer

When shopping for an integrated upright freezer, you can choose the Baumatic BUS518FK. This model has an efficiency rating of A+ and can keep food frozen for up to 18 months. It also has four transparent freezer drawers that make it easy to see what kind of food is in each.

Hotpoint UK Integrated Upright Freezer

The Hotpoint UK Integrated Upright Freezer offers eight separate freezer compartments with a combined 210 litre capacity. The appliance has a compact footprint and sits flush against a worktop. It benefits from Frost Free Technology, which prevents ice from accumulating. This means that you never have to worry about defrosting the appliance.

Hotpoint HF 1801 E F1 UK Integrated Upright Freezer

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The Hotpoint UK Integrated Upright Freezer has a capacity of 209 litres (Net). Its frost free technology helps to save energy and reduce your energy bills. The appliance also boasts eight compartments for storing frozen food.

You can store all of your favourite food items safely and conveniently. The freezer is able to freeze food up to -18degC. The Freezing Care feature helps to prevent freezer burns and minimises temperature fluctuations in the freezer. This also helps prevent ice from forming on food surfaces and prevents packages from sticking together.

Hisense 212 Litre Integrated In Column Freezer

The Hisense 212 Litre Integrated In-Column Freezer is a compact appliance that can fit into a tall housing unit. It features a reversible door so you can open it from either the left or the right. The freezer can store up to 11 shopping bags. The unit also comes with a Super Freeze function, which allows it to rapidly reduce the temperature inside. Hisense also uses Total No Frost technology to prevent the build-up of ice inside the freezer.

Hisense FIV276N4AW1 212 Litre Integrated In Column Freezer

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This freezer is compact but spacious, and is quiet when running. Its deep drawers allow it to fit many trays without affecting the appearance of the cabinet. Its sleek design is convenient for storing food. If you need a big freezer for storing food, this model is ideal.

Candy Integrated Upright Freezer

Candy CFFO3550EK/N Integrated Upright Freezer

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The Candy Integrated Upright Freezer is an impressive appliance with a ton of storage space. The unit freezes quickly after a new start and appears quite quiet. You can register your appliance for updates and helpful tips. If you are a current customer, you may be entitled to even more advantages! Weigh the advantages of this appliance before you buy it.

Zanussi 216 Litre Integrated In-column Tall Freezer

The Zanussi 216 Litre Integrated In-column tall freezer has an impressive 216 litre capacity and an F energy efficiency rating. Its seven compartments provide plenty of space for frozen goods. Its automatic defrost system means you don’t have to worry about ice-building up. Moreover, the freezer has a superfreeze function, which keeps your frozen food fresh and icy.

Zanussi 216 Litre Integrated In-column Tall Freezer

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This appliance has a number of features, including a frost-free technology and a 10-year parts warranty. Its design and function have been tailored to modern living, making it a practical appliance for any kitchen. Frost-free technology ensures that there won’t be any ice build-up in the freezer, allowing you to store your frozen food without the use of scrapers.

Hoover 217 Litre Integrated In Column Freezer

The Hoover 217 Litre Integrated In-Column Freezer is ideal for storing frozen food. The freezer has up to nine drawer compartments so you can keep a large amount of food. Its energy-efficient design makes it perfect for households with large families. You can use this freezer as a stand-alone unit or you can use it with a refrigerator to save space and money.

Hoover 217 Litre Integrated In Column Freezer

Its Super Freeze button freezes your items quickly, preserving nutrients. The low-temperature setting can also help you keep unfrozen foods fresh. Its tall design makes it perfect for growing families, with nine transparent freezer drawers. This freezer has a storage capacity of 204 litres.

Benefits of Tall Integrated Freezers

Tall Integrated Freezers are an excellent way to keep your food cool. These appliances come with many features, including frost-free technology and easy-to-open drawers. Their frost-free feature is also a major advantage, as the ice does not form on the food and does not accumulate in the drawers. Frost-free freezers also have smooth drawer runners and an ergonomic handle that is easy to grip.

Built-in freezers are usually 60cm wide and 60cm deep. Tall freezers are larger than this and can stand up to 177cm tall. Many models are available in 120-130cm tall models. Tall freezers can be expensive, starting from around £450. But top-of-the-range products can cost more than £1,000.

If you do not have much floor space, an under-counter model will be perfect. Under-counter models are usually less than 40cm tall. A chest freezer is best for use in a utility room or garage. Tall freezers are designed to fit in with your kitchen and are designed to be integrated into your kitchen.

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