The Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK 55cm Wide Low Frost Combi Fridge Freezer is a versatile and efficient appliance that brings convenience and flexibility to your kitchen. With Hoover’s Low Frost Technology, the hassle of dealing with excessive frost is reduced, making cleaning a breeze. The in-door water dispenser adds a handy feature, allowing you to enjoy perfectly chilled water without the need for plumbing. The electronic user interface provides easy control over temperature settings, and the fridge comes with adjustable glass shelves, a large salad crisper, and ample door storage for maximizing fresh food storage. The LED lighting not only offers excellent visibility but also consumes significantly less electricity than traditional bulbs, contributing to energy and cost savings. By meeting the requirements of the New Energy Label regulations, this fridge freezer is not only a smart choice for your kitchen but also a responsible one for the environment.

Why Choose the Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK Fridge Freezer?

When it comes to choosing a fridge freezer, the Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK is a top contender that offers numerous benefits and features that make it worth considering. With its Low Frost Technology, this appliance reduces frost creation, making it easy to clean the freezer drawers quickly and efficiently. No more wasting time scraping away stubborn ice!

One notable feature of the Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK is the in-door water dispenser, which eliminates the need for plumbing. Simply fill the dispenser when required, and you can enjoy perfectly chilled water whenever you want. This convenient feature saves you from the hassle of installing additional plumbing lines and provides a refreshing drink with just a simple press.

The electronic user interface of the refrigerator is another standout feature. With a display on top, you can easily set the temperature level by degree, ensuring optimal storage conditions for your food. The intuitive interface allows you to customize the cooling settings to suit your specific needs. Additionally, the fridge has a super cool function that can be activated from the display, providing a quick burst of cold air to rapidly chill items when needed.

Features and Benefits

Elegant Design and Spacious Storage

The Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK boasts a sleek and modern design with its silver finish. The spacious interior offers 246 litres of storage capacity, giving you ample space to store all your fresh groceries. The fridge comes with 2 adjustable glass shelves, providing flexibility for arranging items of various sizes. It also includes an extra-large transparent salad crisper, ideal for storing fruits and vegetables, and 3 versatile door balconies for maximizing storage options.

Energy Efficiency and LED Lighting

The LED lighting in the Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK provides excellent visibility across all shelves, making it easy to locate items, even in low light conditions. Not only does it enhance visibility, but it also lasts longer and consumes significantly less electricity compared to traditional bulbs. This energy-efficient feature helps you reduce your electricity bills and contribute to a greener environment.

Environmentally Friendly and Money-Saving

Complying with the New Energy Label regulations, the Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK is classified as an F class rated fridge freezer. This rating means that it reduces energy consumption up to 20% compared to a G class appliance. By choosing this refrigerator, you not only save money on your energy bills but also help reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.

Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK 55cm Wide Low Frost Combi Fridge Freezer, 246 Litres, In-door Water Dispenser, Silver

Product Quality

The Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK is built with high-quality materials and is backed by the reputation of the Hoover brand. Known for manufacturing reliable and durable appliances, Hoover ensures that their products undergo rigorous testing to meet the highest industry standards. With the Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK, you can have confidence in its performance and longevity.

What It’s Used For

Keeping Food Fresh and Organized

The primary use of the Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK is to provide excellent refrigeration and freezing capabilities to keep your food fresh and organized. The adjustable shelves and versatile door balconies allow you to customize the storage space according to your needs. The transparent salad crisper ensures that fruits and vegetables stay crisp and fresh for longer periods.

Quick and Convenient Access to Chilled Water

With the in-door water dispenser, you no longer need to rely on refrigerator water filters or install additional plumbing lines to enjoy chilled water. Simply fill the dispenser when needed, and you can quench your thirst with refreshing water at any time.

Energy-Saving and Efficient Operation

One of the major purposes of the Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK is to provide an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly option. By reducing energy consumption, it helps you save money on your electricity bills while also minimizing your impact on the environment.

Maximum Visibility and Convenience

The LED lighting in the Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK ensures excellent visibility in every corner of the fridge, making it easy to find items, even in dimly lit conditions. This feature enhances convenience and eliminates the need to rummage through the fridge to locate what you need.

Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK 55cm Wide Low Frost Combi Fridge Freezer, 246 Litres, In-door Water Dispenser, Silver

Who Needs This

The Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK is suitable for homeowners, renters, and families who prioritize convenience, energy efficiency, and organized storage. Whether you have a small or large household, this fridge freezer offers ample space to store your fresh food and beverages while keeping them at the optimal temperature.

Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK 55cm Wide Low Frost Combi Fridge Freezer, 246 Litres, In-door Water Dispenser, Silver

Pros and Cons


  • Low Frost Technology for easy and efficient cleaning
  • In-door water dispenser for convenient access to chilled water
  • Electronic user interface for customizable temperature settings
  • LED lighting for excellent visibility and energy efficiency
  • F class energy rating for energy savings and reduced environmental impact


  • May not be suitable for those requiring a larger storage capacity
  • Limited color options, only available in silver


  1. Can the water dispenser be removed?
    • Yes, the water dispenser can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance purposes.
  2. Does the Low Frost Technology completely eliminate the need for defrosting?
    • While the Low Frost Technology significantly reduces frost creation, some manual defrosting may still be required on rare occasions.
  3. How long does the LED lighting last?
    • The LED lighting in the Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK has a long lifespan and lasts significantly longer than traditional bulbs.

Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK 55cm Wide Low Frost Combi Fridge Freezer, 246 Litres, In-door Water Dispenser, Silver

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have purchased the Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK praise its convenience, energy efficiency, and overall performance. They appreciate the easy-to-use water dispenser and the customizable temperature settings. Many customers also remark on the excellent visibility provided by the LED lighting and the spacious storage options.

Overall Value

The Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK offers a great value for homeowners and families seeking a reliable, energy-efficient, and convenient fridge freezer. With its innovative features, high-quality construction, and environmentally friendly design, this appliance provides long-term benefits and cost savings.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To ensure the best performance and longevity of the Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK, follow these tips:

  • Regularly clean and maintain the water dispenser to prevent any build-up or contamination.
  • Keep the fridge and freezer compartments organized for optimal airflow and temperature distribution.
  • Avoid overfilling the freezer to maintain proper air circulation and prevent frost build-up.
  • In case of power outages, avoid opening the fridge unnecessarily to keep the temperature stable.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK is a top-quality fridge freezer that offers numerous features and benefits. With its Low Frost Technology, in-door water dispenser, electronic user interface, and versatile storage options, this appliance provides convenience, energy efficiency, and an organized storage solution.

Final Recommendation

If you are in the market for a reliable and energy-efficient fridge freezer, the Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK is an excellent choice. With its exceptional performance and user-friendly features, it provides value for money and meets the needs of homeowners and families alike. Say goodbye to frosty drawers and plumbing installations and embrace the convenience and efficiency of the Hoover HOCT3L517FWSK.

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