Choosing an Integrated Fridge Freezer should not only look good but also have practical and aesthetic benefits. A well-made integrated fridge-freezer can help to create a seamless look while still storing your food safely. Unlike traditional fridge-freezers, integrated models can blend seamlessly into any kitchen design. If possible, choose a model with a matching design to avoid clashing styles. Here are some tips on how to choose an Integrated Fridge Freezer.
How to choose an Integrated Fridge Freezer
First, consider the size of the space you have available for the fridge freezer. Integrated models are generally the same width as standard kitchen cabinets, but they can differ in height. If you are replacing an existing fridge-freezer, be sure to check that the space is adequate for the new model. If you’re designing a new kitchen, make sure that the top of the fridge freezer will fit well with the cabinets.

Size: Depending on the size of your kitchen, an integrated fridge freezer can be either midi-height or extra-tall. The height of the fridge freezer will be determined by the cabinet door type. Some models have sliding doors, while others use fixed hinges. The installation method will determine how the fridge freezer fits into the cabinet, so check before buying the appliance. This decision will also impact its appearance and overall price.

Controls: The controls on integrated fridge-freezers vary. Many are operated using a single manual thermostat. The thermostat controls power levels for both sections but is not responsible for controlling the exact temperature. Basic operating buttons will be found on the control panel, including the on/off switch and power-on light. However, midrange models might have electronic control panels and a thermostat. Integrated Fridge Freezers may also feature lights indicating certain features. They may even have buttons to turn on quick-chill or fast-freeze features.

Lighting in the fridge freezer section is a crucial feature for a functional and attractive appliance. Light must be bright, reach full intensity quickly, and stay cool. Conventional light bulbs are usually used in older models, and while they do give out adequate light, they do not maintain the temperature inside the fridge freezer. Modern, energy-efficient halogen lighting is the standard for midrange fridge freezers. This type of lighting is 36% brighter and 20 percent more efficient than conventional bulbs and provides adequate illumination to keep food fresh.

Choose a split size. An upright integrated fridge-freezer requires a dedicated space. The size will depend on the type of refrigerator and freezer you choose. Some fridges have a 70/30 split, while others have 50/50 splits, which give a greater fridge area than freezer space. A 50/50 split can also be a good option for a small family. Make sure you know how much food you typically buy and store, and consider whether a 50/50 split is better for you.

Integrated Fridge Freezers can help you create a sleek modern look with the convenience of one appliance. You can choose between sliding and fixed door-on-door fittings, but be aware that sliding door fittings cannot be switched once they are attached. The sliding door fitting involves the fridge door sliding along a rail when the cabinet door is opened. This option will make your fridge freezer appear more integrated than you thought possible.

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