Hisense is a brand of refrigerator freezers that offers high-quality appliances for a reasonable price. Its slim design and energy-efficient features make it a popular choice for any household. The Hisense PureFlat Non Plumbed American Fridge Freezer features an energy class F and an impressive 91,4cm wide. Its recessed handles and ice cube dispenser keep food cool for all hours.

Hisense PureFlat Non-Plumbed American Fridge Freezer

Its large storage space makes it ideal for families, but it is lacking the humidity controls that some other models feature. This Hisense PureFlat fridge freezer offers 579 litres of storage space and has four doors. It is also available in stainless steel, which costs £100 less. It features Hisense’s Total No Frost Technology, which circulates cold air throughout the appliance to help reduce the risk of frost buildup. It also has an interior wine rack and a non-plumbed water dispenser.

The Hisense PureFlat Non Plumbed Refrigerator features a multi-door door system and plenty of storage and five moveable shelves. Its total No Frost Technology enables it to circulates cold air throughout the appliance to avoid icy buildup. This means that you never have to defrost the fridge freezer manually. The non-plumbed water dispenser means that there is no need to plumb it in. All that is required is to just fill the reservoir with water.

The Hisense fridge does not have an integrated ice maker, so you will need a separate ice caddy. This ice caddy is a small clear plastic lidded box that stores an 18-cube ice tray. Moreover, the Hisense fridge freezer has three internal door racks. Most freezers do not have door racks and the Hisense PureFlat features one. The door racks are 5.5 cm wide, which is a bit disappointing for those who like to place a lot of items into their fridge door racks.

Unlike other refrigerator types, the American Fridge Freezer is free-standing and can hold large quantities of goods. The size varies from 70cm to 91cm. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose a colour that matches other appliances in your kitchen or stand out from the crowd.

Hisense PureFlat Non-Plumbed American Fridge Freezer

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This fridge freezer is rather large so make you measure up you door way to confirm that it will get through before you purchase. If you don’t, you might find that you have to take the door off the hinges in order to bring it in.

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