An integrated fridge freezer is the perfect solution for families who like to keep their food fresh. Indesit fridge freezers are designed with space-saving design in mind. You can fit your weekly grocery shop inside without a problem. These fridge freezers have the flexibility to adjust the temperature to perfectly preserve meat, fish, vegetables and bottles. The freezer drawers and shelves are also removable to give you extra storage options. There are many benefits to owning an Indesit fridge freezer, but the most important feature is its ease of use.

INDESIT IB7030A1D 277 Litre Integrated Fridge Freezer

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The Indesit fridge section boasts a 194-litre (net) capacity and 4 shelves. The fridge features bright interior lighting. The door has shelves for storing milk, condiments and eggs. It also has a dedicated salad drawer, which keeps produce fresher for longer. It also features a 79-litre (net) capacity freezer. Indesit fridge freezers come with a one-year parts and labour warranty.

When choosing an integrated fridge freezer, look for one with the most attractive design. The sleek, uncluttered look of integrated fridge freezers gives the impression of precision and order, which can be useful if your fridge freezer is filled with a lot of different produce. Its size and storage capacity are smaller than their freestanding counterparts. Buying an integrated fridge freezer is also more expensive than purchasing a freestanding one with the same specifications.

The Indesit integrated fridge freezer boasts an A+ energy efficiency rating. Its reversible door system allows you to store your fresh food in an easy and simple manner. This fridge freezer is also equipped with a salad crisper drawer to keep salad leaves and juicy fruits fresher for longer. Its manual defrost system is also helpful, and you’ll find it easier to open and close than ever before.

INDESIT IB7030A1D 277 Litre Integrated Fridge Freezer

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With a combined gross capacity of 277 litres, the Indesit IB7030A1D is an ideal choice for most households. The Indesit fridge freezer has three separate compartments and well-placed shelves and drawers. Its streamlined, integrated design makes it easy to operate and maintain.

With plenty of glass shelves and LED lighting, the Indesit 277 litre integrated fridge freezer has plenty of storage space. Even better, the temperature of the fridge can go down to -18°F. The fridge is also 4-Star-rated, meaning it’s safe to store frozen food for a long period of time.

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