If you’re planning to buy a new fridge freezer for your home, you might want to consider a 4 door fridge freezer. This type of refrigerator features plenty of space and many drawers, making it easy to organize groceries and keep them safe. Unlike a traditional refrigerator, a 4 door fridge freezer doesn’t allow food to get bad smells in the back.

A 4-door fridge freezer will most likely feature a large fruit and vegetable drawer, as well as a BioFresh compartment. This feature keeps food fresh while maintaining its nutritional value. It will also feature multiple glass shelves, including adjustable ones, a 6-33 liter freezer section, and an egg shelf. Regardless of how many compartments the fridge has, it’s sure to accommodate all your food needs. It may also include an integrated defrost function, allowing you to easily remove frozen foods. Bellow are a few of the best 4-door fridge freezers available to consider.

Hisense PureFlat Four Door Fridge Freezer

This Hisense PureFlat Four Door Frig Freezer comes with an impressive range of features. It has energy efficient cooling, soft start and full freezer lighting, as well as a water dispenser. Its features and value for money are second to none. You won’t be disappointed by this freezer’s performance. Here’s a closer look at the PureFlat RQ758N4SWI1 in our review.

The Hisense PureFlat fridge is flat, which is particularly useful for those with large bottles and tall cakes. The Hisense PureFlat fridge also features recessed handles at the top and bottom of the door for easy access. Its recessed handles allow you to keep track of your items without having to get up and go through the fridge every time you want to access the contents. The crisper drawer is large enough to hold 31 bags of food and is easily adjustable for humidity.

Hisense RQ758N4SWI1 PureFlat Four Door Freestanding Fridge Freezer

The Hisense PureFlat range of fridges and freezers are inspired by commercial kitchens. Its high-quality, energy-efficient models feature premium Metal Tech Cooling, a full-width metal cooling plate that distributes temperature evenly throughout the fridge. The 560L French Door model, for example, offers luxury and convenience, as it has a permanent chilled water supply and can produce crushed ice at any time.

Hoover Freestanding Fridge Freezer Multi-Door

The Hoover Freestanding Fridge Freezer Multi Door features a streamlined black design and angular door handles. Its multi-temperature control system is digital and features Stay Fresh Zone to keep food fresh for longer. Other features include telescopic glass shelves, fast temperature recovery, Versatile Wine Rack, and A+ energy efficiency. This appliance is part of the Black Vision range.

Hoover Freestanding Fridge Freezer

The Hoover American Style fridge freezer has a large capacity of 347 litres in the fridge and 185 litres in the freezer. With two separate fans, the refrigerator never has to be defrosted again. The fridge has an optional Quick Chill Zone to quickly chill your groceries and drinks. Its 6 door balconies and adjustable shelves offer the perfect space for storing your groceries.

Haier Freestanding Fridge Freezer 4 doors

The Haier Freestanding Fridge Freezer 4 door is a fully open plan refrigerator. Its Smart Lock door system ensures that cold air stays inside. This model also has humidity controlled crisper drawers and a full width slide out chiller compartment. It is available in finger-proof silver finish. You can read our full Haier Freestanding Fridge Freezer 4 door review to find out whether this model is right for you.

Haier HEFR3719FWMP(UK) Freestanding Fridge Freezer, 4 doors

With a capacity of 466 litres, this Haier fridge freezer is perfect for a busy family or hungry couple. It features durable LED lighting, a touch screen display, Total No Frost technology, and smart anti-bacterial technology to keep your frozen food crisper and fresher. Despite its compact size, this Haier 4 DOOR fridge freezer offers you a spacious and practical interior, allowing you to store a wide variety of foods, from ice to milk.

LG InstaView™ Door-in-Door™ American Fridge Freeze

LG Electronics has recently unveiled their latest InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerators. These models boast upgraded features and design innovations, including a large glass panel that lets you see inside your refrigerator. They also have a built-in water dispenser that reduces the amount of cold air lost through condensation. And because they have a voice recognition system, you can access the fridge’s features without having to open the door.

LG InstaView™ Door-in-Door™ American Fridge Freeze

The LG InstaViewTM Door-in-DoorTM American Fridge Freeze is a top-rated model. Its dual 4* freezer doors give you a huge combined storage space for frozen items. Its no-frost system means that you’ll never have to worry about defrosting your fridge again. The F energy rating will comply with the new Energy Label Reform, and it has a metal back wall.

This 4 fridge freezer is plumbed into a wall and has a capacity of 601 litres. It also features a unique Door-in-Door system that allows you to access your condiments and milk without opening all the doors. Its instaView glass panel turns transparent to let you see inside without opening it. In addition, the InstaView panel is designed to prevent cold air from escaping through the door.

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