Disposal of fridges is a legal requirement in most countries. You can use your local council to recycle the unwanted appliance, but it takes a couple of weeks. Alternatively, you can find a man and van rubbish collection service to collect the appliance. Companies like Clearance and Cleanup are well-established and are registered with the Environment Agency. You should be aware that the councils may not accept fridges and freezers.

Disposal of refrigerators is an important step towards preserving the environment and improving your green credentials. Old fridges become ticking timebombs for the environment and need to be disposed of appropriately. Specialist waste collectors will safely transport fridges to appropriate processing facilities. These waste collectors can also guide you on the best disposal of fridges. Listed below are some tips on how to dispose of fridges responsibly. When disposing of your old fridges, take note of the following.

Donating old fridges to charity is an excellent way to recycle your unwanted fridges. You can also try selling your old fridge online through websites such as Freecycle, Gumtree, and eBay. Other offline methods include posting an ad in the local newspaper or putting up item for sale postcards in local stores. Some retail companies also offer to recycle your old fridges. But before you try selling your old fridges, check the regulations and find the best disposal method for your fridges.

Some communities offer special recycling programs for old refrigerators. Recycling programs are provided by your local waste management division. Most of these organizations also offer cash or utility bill credits to customers who recycle their old fridges. To dispose of your refrigerators safely, contact your city’s solid waste management division for details. You should also ask your service provider about the recycling options. Many companies offer trade-in options, but you must be careful when choosing this option.

The price for disposing of a fridge starts at PS30 for domestic units and PS90 for commercial units. The price depends on the number of fridges, location, and type. To get a quote, fill out the Request A Quote form. Once you’ve received a quote, take the fridge to your local transfer station. There, the fridge will be recycled and the refrigerant gases will be destroyed. You may have to pay for disposal, but it’s worth it in the long run.

For recycling purposes, fridges are separated into different components. The main targets are plastics, metals, and glass. Polyurethane foam is also a good candidate for recycling, since it contains blowing agents that contribute to ozone depletion and climate change. To avoid this, dispose of your fridges responsibly. When disposing of a refrigerator, make sure to take out all doors, hinges, and locks.

Once you’ve decided where to dispose of your old fridge, you should consider the environmental impact and whether it’s possible to recycle the appliance yourself. Most refrigerators can be recycled or downsized, and the disposal of these appliances can be quite inexpensive.

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